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Frequently Asked Questions

What year was Rambus incorporated and in what state?

Rambus was originally incorporated in California in March 1990.
Rambus was reincorporated in Delaware in March 1997.

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When did Rambus go public? What was the price?

Rambus' IPO was effective May 14, 1997 at a split-adjusted price of $3.00.

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How is Rambus's stock traded?

Rambus is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol RMBS.

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When has Rambus's stock split?

Please see the section entitled "Stock Information" under the table of contents at left.

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What is Rambus's CUSIP number?

Rambus' Common Stock CUSIP is 750917-10-6.

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What happens if I lose my stock certificate?

If you lose a certificate, change your address, or if you have any other stock certificate-related questions, contact the company's transfer agent.

Shareholder Services

By Regular Mail
PO BOX 505000
KY 40233-5000

By Overnight Delivery
462 South 4th Street
Suite 1600
KY 40202

Phone: (781) 575-2000

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Does Rambus have a direct stock purchase plan (DSPP) or a DRIP?

No. Rambus does not have a Dividend Reinvestment Program.

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Does Rambus issue dividends?

No. The company's current plan is to use its strong cash position to repurchase shares of its common stock. Cash that is retained will be used for the operation and expansion of the company's business.

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Has Rambus instituted a stock repurchase program?

Yes, Rambus instituted a stock repurchase program in 2001.

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