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Jerome Nadel

Jerome Nadel, SVP & CMO

Jerome Nadel is the senior vice president, general manager of payments and ticketing, and chief marketing officer for Rambus. Jerome joined the company in 2012 and is responsible for helping implement Rambus’ open and collaborative culture, both internally and externally. Jerome has expertise in strategic usability and user experience and he has extensive international business strategy and marketing. Before coming to Rambus, Jerome was at Option NV, where he was the chief experience officer leading the user experience process from research and innovation to implementation, marketing, and sales. Prior to Option NV, Jerome was executive vice president of user experience and marketing at MobiWire, chief experience officer at Human Factors International, marketing VP at Gemplus and CMO at SLP InfoWare.

Jerome has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida and a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational and Human Factors Psychology from Kansas State University.